TOG-Community Volunteers Foundation encourage social peace, solidarity and change through the participation and leadership of the youth.

We aim at:
- development and implementation of various social responsibility project through the leadership of youth, encouraging local participation
- acquiring the participation of adult volunteers who have confidence in young people and are able to invest in social responsibility project
- contributing to the development of self-confident, entrepreneur and sensible youth equipped with the means to cope with social problems
- fostering public awareness on social issue.

We are organized as TOG youth organizations mostly in their universities as club, society or group. They implement “sustainable projects” through the need assessments in their TOG youth organization.

Transform youth energies into social benefits.

We continue to work …

About the Pink House

The Pink House Youth Center in Kavacik, Istanbul, provides social and educational services for local youngsters, most of whom lack socio-economic opportunities to fully take part in society.

The centre aims to make young people aware of their responsibilities, of the ways they can enact their potential and develop their communities.

It’s a place where youngsters receive services but also give them. This passive/active dynamic allows young people to create and implement the centre’s programme. They have a say, develop their creativity and form a social environment, according to their preferences, abilities and hobbies.

In a nutshell, the Pink House Youth Centre focuses on developing the self-confidence and skills of young people. It conducts drama workshops, a short movie club, dance lessons, foreign language lessons and music activities such as playing the guitar, the piano, etc.

Music Attack! - The need for a music studio, the way to get one

In the Pink House, there are musical instruments, and young people use them to practise their musical skills. But just like you can’t play football in an office, it is uncomfortable and embarrassing to play music in a busy, open environment. Lately, there has been an obvious need to develop a dedicated space to create and rehearse music. Hence the decision to transform one of the rooms in the Pink House into a music studio.

What would a music studio bring to the Pink House and to the community?

It would bring a space for youngsters to focus on their music work, express themselves and develop their creative and technical skills. A special space for playing music would encourage young people to be more confident, fulfilled and relaxed. There is no music studio in Kavacik, so we expect our project to attract more youngsters to the youth centre and increase its prestige and usefulness to the community.

What do we need to build a music studio?

A first step is phonic insulation. Walls, windows and floor need to be padded and the doors replaced. This should cost between 5000 and 7000 TL.

Secondly, equipment must be bought, especially microphones and speakers. This will depend on our remaining budget and on the musicians’ demands.

The music studio would be complete with the addition of recording equipment, such as a mixing console and a computer. This may only be for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, if a group of youngsters manage to create something worth recording, the Pink House can arrange a recording session in another music studio.


How to raise money - What you can do

Young people can help raise money by organising concerts and inviting their friends, local councillors, businesses and celebrities. The idea is to gather any people and organisations who would be ready to support the Music Attack! by attending a performance and making a donation.

The Pink House will arrange concerts in Kavacik and around Istanbul. We will try to play in the street! We are negotiating our participation in festivals and different venues! Once we get gigs, we will arrange bands and people who want to play for the Pink House. They will be expected to invite friends and promote their performances. We will invite city councillors and VIPs that live in our neighbourhood.

A widespread feeling of solidarity prevails among TOG organisations and young people living in Turkey. The Pink House Music Attack! relies on this. We are launching an appeal to all TOG clubs and to our friends in Turkey and abroad. Take action, organise concerts, spread the word, and raise money to help us bring a music studio to the Pink House!

This is an open call to organise concerts for our music studio and our youth. Any symbolic help, any little concert, any street playing will have a huge impact on our project! Whatever it sounds like, wherever you play! The most important thing is of course to have fun. Musicians, enjoy yourselves!